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Stark Truths: Living on High Alert

Stark Truths: Living on High Alert

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Publication Date: October 16th, 2017
Gillian P Herbert
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"These linked stories trace a lesbian's progress through the slowly changing face of homophobia in our lifetimes. From illegal lives filled with potential violence to the superficial equality that masks lingering prejudice, Gillian Herbert speaks bravely and honestly about one of the great issues of our time and how it impacted one woman's life. This is a vital record that must never be forgotten."

- Judith Barrington, author of Writing the Memoir: From Truth to Art.

"Gillian Herbert's short, powerful story reads so accurately to the times she and I lived through that it is an almost necessary book for younger LGBTs. It really was this tough being gay in the 60's; worse for women, and even worse for butch lesbians. She's a remarkable survivor and her book is a knockout."

- Felice Picano, author of the award-winning memoir Nights at Rizzoli