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Twice in a Lifetime (Wolf Dasher #5)

Twice in a Lifetime (Wolf Dasher #5)

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Publication Date: July 19th, 2016
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Demon hunt A demon trapped in an elf's body plots to destroy a nation. Wolf Dasher has a second chance to send it back to Hell. To do it, he'll need an ancient dagger locked in a dwarfish tomb and the help of an undead witch and a sadistic ogre, who want him dead. Outnumbered against malefic forces, Wolf finds a chance to kill a demon only comes along Twice in a Lifetime The archetypal fantasy quest gets the Wolf Dasher treatment as monsters, magic, and mysticism collide with the political thriller. Assassination plots and a presidential election keep time with a harrowing expedition overseas and across mountains into the bowels of an ancient tomb. Fans of Dan Brown and Lord of the Rings will enjoy this page-turning genre mashup featuring corrupt politicians, super-spies, magic, demons, and elves.