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Jesus Comes to Me as Judy Garland

Jesus Comes to Me as Judy Garland

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Publication Date: September 1st, 2021
Airlie Press


Poetry. LGBTQIA Studies. JESUS COMES TO ME AS JUDY GARLAND explores themes of sexual orientation, spirituality, family, and aging, often using smart humor and sharp observation. These poems are much like the old Cadillacs that Pickering clearly loves, big and powerful and roomy, and they are full of interesting companions kibitzing in the back seat'--Bette Davis, Bob Ross, Judy Garland, Lucille Clifton, Marlene Dietrich, Vincent Van Gogh, and yes, Jesus. This collection is an affirmation of spirit and the variety of ways it manifests in the contemporary world. While these poems sometimes navigate dark and complex territories, Pickering is a confident driver, and the reader always feels safe riding shotgun in the front seat. So, settle into the leather-trimmed aqua brocade... and step on it. You're going for a ride.